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The Muscles of the Pch-ic Floor 289 A Sagittal Section (Pelvic) 290 Laceration of the Perina:ura ; Anus drawn forward 291 Sagging of the Pelvic Floor 293 An Apparatus for determining Levothroid 100 Mg the Amount of Sugar in Diabetic Urine 313 Sutures Generic Levothroid in the Tissue of the Perinacum. Three Illustrations 317 Peaslee's Perineum Needle 317 Mcsal Aspect of an Adult, Male, Human, Right Hemiencephalon. . Levothroid 25 Mcg 325 Schematic Representation of the Cavities of the Brain and Myelon. 326 The Diacfelian Parietcs and Adjoining Parts 327 Brain of a Frog 328 Enlargement of the Part marked OpHci 328 Transection of the Mesencephalon of an Emu 328 Adult Human Levothroid Generic Brain 328 A Holder for Sims's Speculum 343 Small Artery Clamp 346 Bullet Probe 347 Design for a Compressor •. 348 Levothroid 100 Mcg Bruno Knorr 362 Diagrams representing Various Interpretations and Nomenclatures of the Parts developed from the Third (Posterior) Levothyroxine Vs Levothroid Primary Encephalic Vesicle 355 Long's Uterine Levothroid 125 Mcg Irrigator 363 Sphygmographic Tracings 393 An Apparatus for the Treatment of Fracture of the Thigh 397 Ti.ffluc KorccjjS 403 Synthroid Vs Levothroid Emnict'fl Cunx'd Scissors. Two Illustrations 403 Levothroid Vs Synthroid Denudation for Repair of the Perinifum. Two Illustrations 403 Vivlfjing of Pcrinajum complete 404 Needle Forceps 404 PAGE Position of Is Levothroid Generic the Suture in the Perinajum 405 The Stitches in Place in the PerinEeum 405 Normal Position of the Perineal Body 405 Scissors for removing Sutures 406 Restoration of the Recto-vaginal Septum 406 Congenital Fissure of the Sternum. Four Illustrations 407, 408 The Pathology of Diabetes Mellitus. Six Illustrations 411, Purchase Levothroid Online 412, 414, 415 Papulo-tubercular Affection of the Drum Membrane. Five Illustra- tions 435, 436 A Modification of Turck's Tongue-Depressor 456 Operation for Complete Rupture of the Perina;um 457 Haemorrhoid Clamp 458 Hard Rubber Rectal Tube Order Levothroid Online 459 Hutehinsonian Teeth. Two Illustrations 466 Sims Knife 492 Incising the Os Uteri. Three Dhistratlons 492 Stem and Stem-sustaining Levothroid 75 Mg Pessary 492 Fracture of the Transverse Process of the Atlas 494 Female Urethral Levothroid 88 Mcg Speculum 511 Ranney's Spring Electrode 539 Ranney's Diagnostic Key-Board 539 Abscesses connected Levothroid Vs Levothyroxine with Spinal Disease 558 Faradaic Machine 626 Diagram to illustrate the Construction and Action of Levothroid Synthroid a Faradaic Machine 626 The Static Machine Levothroid 0.1 Mg in Use 627 A Simple Galvanic Element 628 An Instrument for Artificial Epista.xis 678 A Compound Chain .' 68 1 A Schematic Representation of Order Levothroid the Introduction of a Human Body into the Circuit of Closure of a Galvanic Chain 682 Six Cells coimected for Quantity 682 Six Cells connected for Levoxyl Vs Levothroid Intensity 682 Smee's Cell 683

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