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as a child was sent there its condition was hopeless. Mr. MiLHATT, of the State Board of Charities, explained the duties of that board with regard to recommending the estab- lishment of institutions organized hy private individuals, and said that, while such institutions usually started under favora- ble conditions, it was only a short time before they began to receive children faster than they were able to provide accom- modations for them. Then there were institutions which were considered absolutely safe, cheap zoloft no prescription being under the highest medical su- pervision, and yet ophthalmia would break out. The President said it was apparent, from the remarks which had been made, that it was almost impossible to keep contagious ophthalmia out of in.stitutions. The same was true of every other contagious disease ; they all made their buy generic zoloft online no prescription appearance at times in institutions crowded with inmates. All of these insti- tutions were meant to do good, and all did at the same time a great deal of harm. Where there were many children there were many opportunities for danger. Measles usually was zoloft online pharmacy no prescription a very mild disease, but when it broke out in public institutions it became very dangerou.s, and the same was true of aU conta- gious diseases ; does zoloft have street value they were more fatal when generic zoloft sale present among the in- mates of crowded institutions. lo an eve hospital a mild case buy generic zoloft online of ophthalmia would become a very severe one, and he was not sure that much good would come from a hos))ital devoted spe- cially to those cases. The question would finally arise, whether public institutions where large numbers of persons were con- gregated should be allowed to exist at all. If the children gathered in those which at present existed were farmed out it would be much better for them ; there would be fewer cases of ophthalmia and of blindness. Dr. W. F. MiTTENDORF said it was difficult to make the pub- lic understand two points with regard to contagious ophthal- mia: first, its great danger to the eyes, and, second, the length of time it required to cure it. He had generic zoloft online had much to do with asylums, and he thought, with the president, that the crowding of children together in institutions was a great zoloft price comparison source of dan- ger. In certain institutions where the inmates lived in cottages he had seen little of eye disease. Another point which was too often overlooked was the extreme contagiousness of the affec- tion. zoloft online order It was because of its great liability to spread that the eye institutions in the city did not like to accept cases of con- tagious ophthalmia. The suggestion of the president was, it seemed to him, the best that could be adopted — namely, to put as few inmates into one building as possible. Dr. Agnew offered the following resolutions, which were unanimously adopted : Resolved, That it is necessary and expedient that steps be taken to prevent the occurrence of communicable eye diseases in the .schools and asylums of New York and vicinity. Resolveil, That the Council of the Academy be requested to take the matter of the paper into its immediate consideration, to obtain the co-operation of the writer of the paper, of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, zoloft street value of the State Board of Charities, of the State Charities Aid Association, buy zoloft online canada and others interested in the zoloft 100 mg street value subject, for the purpose of lessening the prevalence of communicable eye disease. Dr. KooHA wished to say one word more in favor of an ophthalmic hospital. It had been shown in (lie discussion generic zoloft online pharmacy no prescription that contagious ophthalmia, although easily spread, was also amena- ble to treatment, and, so long as institutions existed where it was liable to occur, there should bo a hos])ital where patients could be sent for isolation and treatment. Of course, this would not 1)0 necessary when things were in New York a.s they woro in Utopia, and children were idl farmed out instead of being put into institullofj'-. July 18, 1885.] PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. 77 OBSTETRICAL SOCIETY OF zoloft 300 mg daily PHILADELPHIA. Meeting of June 4, 1885. ( Conchtijed from page 55.) The Surgical Treatment of Infants.— Dr. Willakd's paper was concluded as follows : Congenital hydrocele rarely requires much surgical inter- ference beyond an evaporating lotion of chloride of ammonium or alcohol, as a few weeks will often close the canal, if hernia does not co-esist — a fact which can be determined by non-trans- lacency and capability of reduction. Should the connection with the peritonfeum fail to close, puncture, with the applica- tion of a truss, will usually complete the cure. A hydrocele with closed canal is better treated by tapping and injection than by seton. The diagnosis between encysted hydrocele of the cord, hernia, and undescended testicle is sometimes difficult, but, if the surgeon remembers that the former is simply a cyst in some unobliterated portion of the peritoneal coat of the cord. that its rounded shape can be detected if it is pulled well down into the scrotum, that it is usually translucent, that the impulse is not 30 decided as in the case of hernia, that it returns to the abdomen only by being pressed upward and not with a slip and gurgle, he will rarely be led astray. A hernia may co-exist with either of the above-mentioned conditions, but, if non- adherent, careful isolation will settle the diagnosis. zoloft 300 mg a day Should the hernia become strangulated or the non-descended testicle be- come inflamed and infiltrated, the most careful examination will be necessary. In retained testicle, its absence from the scrotum will be the first point in arriving at a decision, but even in such a condition the organ might be within the abdomen and an en- cysted hydrocele present, or the testis might, as has recently fallen under my i took 300 mg of zoloft notice, slip into the tissues of the perinaivmi and be exceedingly difficult to discover. In the case just men- tioned it sometimes requires numerous manipulations to cause the missing organ to return to its place in the pouch. Should hernia and retained testicle both exist, a double purpose can be gained by drawing the latter down, and pushing the former up and then does zoloft come 150 mg tablets applying a truss. The successful retention of the organ within the scrotum is a matter of great difficulty, and removal is scarcely justifiable in young persons unless pain or inflammation ensues. Extirpation, if zoloft 300 mg per day required in later youth, will |)robably not interfere street value zoloft 100mg with the procreative power of the individual, since one gland will supply all requisite material, and the afifected one is practically useless from atrophy, even if

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